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“Background Story: Dwelling in Fuchun Mountains” opens at Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing (May. 24-Nov. 09, 2014)

Posted in Background Story, Current Exhibitions, Exhibitions by xubing on June 4, 2014

Xu Bing working on “Background Story Dwelling in Fuchun Mountains”


Installation view at Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing


Detail of back.











Background Story: Dwelling in Fuchun Mountains recently opened at Inside-Out Art Museum, Beijing. The exhibition is organized by the Inside-Out Art Museum and Jing & Kai,  and co-organized by
the Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media, Cornell University, Life Bookstore and SDX Joint Publishing Company. The exhibition features  scholarship on Xu Bing’s Background Story series as well as materialsdetailing the process of creating these works over the last ten years, in addition to the dramatic presentation of Xu Bing’s Background Story version of Huang Gongwang’s 14th century masterwork
Dwelling in Fuchun Mountains.
Click here to view Xu Bing discussing this exhibition with CAFA Artinfo,







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