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“Modernity 3.0: Bridging East-West Art” (exhibition and symposium), 80 WSE Gallery, NYU Steinhardt, NY, (Jun. 5- Jul. 12, 2014)

Posted in Current Exhibitions, Group Exhibition, Upcoming Lecture by xubing on June 5, 2014


80 WSE Gallery at NYU Steinhardt will open the group exhibition Modernity 3.0/Bridging East- West Art  with a symposium tonight. The exhibition is curated by Zhang Qing, Director of Research and Curator, National Museum of Art in China and Henk Slager, Dean, Graduate School Utrecht Art and Design, Netherlands and is facilitated by G. Pryor, NYU Steinhardt. The exhibition and event are underwritten and co-sponsored by the NYU Steinhardt Office of Global Programs. The symposium will include Henk Slager, John Rajchman and Lily Chumley. Xu Bing will not participate.


Modernity 3.0 / Bridging East-West Art: Exhibition and Symposia
Opening reception June 5, 6-8:30pm
Symposia June 5, 7-8:30pm

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